the whole coronavirus situation has been interesting so far this entire year. here, in switzerland, the council thought that they could solve everything with a one-time lockdown.

after they alleviated some of the pressure on the regulations though, the numbers went backup and now they’re refusing to close the country down in favour of the economy.

my life has been okay otherwise, i even liked the whole working from home situation, as i do like the comfort of my own home and would even prefer it to working in an office.

in august of this year, i started an internship at an msp and it was pretty crazy to see how many companies rushed to get a makeshift home-office solution.

the simplest solution that i would suggest that the federal council should do, is just do another lockdown. (06.11.2020)

i know that noone reads this blog, except for me, but i want to apologize for not posting at all during this time and i’m not sure if my schedule is gonna get any better or if i’m gonna start posting anything IT-related, so here’s an apology for that.

personal life update

i have been dealing with some hidden depression, as in, i feel like i don’t have any hobbies, interests or goals to achieve in life and while i haven’t been sad nor have had any suicidal tendencies, i haven’t been able to feel really happy neither.

this has affected me in my daily life, with me not being able to concentrate on school exams, therefore leading to insufficient grades on exams that i know i could’ve done better on and having failed my first attempt at my driving exam, really hasn’t helped, especially due to having a huge interest in driving and cars (besides IT) and being a huge blow to my pride too.

i just wanna thank everyone that has supported me in these times though. internet or real life friend, it doesn’t matter, if you’ve kept up with me complaining, yapping on about something that happened to me during the day, showing off something or doing some of these things at once, it lets me get off a bit of steam and has been helping me recover and i do wanna apologize if i ever crossed the line or you felt like i’m just ranting just for the sake of it.

apologies for the poor grammar and/or sentences.

here’s a random song, i’ve been listening to: